Jetta Gli

The worldwide fame of the German carmaker, Volkswagen has made another first and a  classy reinvention of a Volkswagen, that will excite car lovers to see and rediscover for themselves how the Volkswagen company was able to make the word “reinvention” to have a new definition in terms of a more powerful and sporty German sedan, which is much better than the conventional types of Volkswagens that they had launched in the past, since the very first model of as Volks piloted  in the market. The Jetta GLI is considered to be the “latest baby” of the German automaker company, which will be sold in the United States, a few weeks after its formal market launching.

jetta gli

Without much intro, the Jetta GLI has the main feature of an engine that is made up of a 2.0 liter engine, that is a turbo-charged four cylinder gasoline engine, which has a tremendous horsepower of 200 hp. Likewise, the Jetta GLI possesses an incredible 207-pound torque, with an rpm of 1,700. In addition, the Jetta GLI 2012 Volkswagen is magnificently as powerful as an aircraft, through its four=cylinder engine. If you are very peculiar about engine economy, never worry at all;  because the Jetta GLI vehicle from the German auto company of Volkswagen, is very economical in the real sense of the word. In fact, the 2012 Jetta GLI Volkswagen can give you a 31-mpg of fuel economy, like no other cars can offer.

As far as the transmissions of the Jetta GLI are concerned, the Jetta GLI has two
magnificently-crafted  transmissions to excellently suit your driving needs in terms of performance. These are the DSG automatic  transmissions that will soon be available in the US auto markets and the six-speed manual transmissions. Similarly, the 2012 Jetta GLI DSG automatic  transmission features a  32 mpg on the highway, which translates to a fact of a very economical vehicle from Volkswagen, with an  uncompromised performance on the road.

Surprisingly, the Jetta GLI has a US model that is innovatively created with a Jetta  GLI “Tracked-Tuned Four-Way Independent Performance Suspension. Moreover, as for further structural vehicle enhancements the Jetta GLI 2012 Volkswagen sedan has an XDS cross-differential system, that is found on a GTI model.

As part of its vehicle reinvention, a Jetta GLI  comes with a very thrilling enhancement that  is being referred to by many auto reviewers worldwide as a “party piece”. This party piece talks about the mounted steering wheel paddles shifters  of the Jetta GLI . The advantage of this paddle shifters of  the mounted-steering wheels of the Jetta GLI  is that can it conveniently make faster swifts, no matter if you are an experienced driver or not.

Here are some of the features of the Jetta GLI 2012 that you will surely fall in love with, the moment you purchase  this latest edition of the Jetta GLI 2012.

Features of the Jetta GLI 2012 Volkswagen

Fender Premium auto system.
Keyless access, with push button start innovation of a  Jetta GLI technology.
Four-wheel disc brakes with floating red calipers.
Low  inter-modulation  distortion capability